Editor's note: Abbey Ahearn is partner at HawkPartners. She can be reached at abigail.ahearn@hawkpartners.com. Jarod Ricci is director strategic insights at GSK. He can be reached at jarod.v.ricci@gsk.com. Steve Yonish is partner at Trinity Partners. He can be reached at syonish@trinitylifesciences.com. The following also contributed to this article: Heather Collins, senior account executive at Momentive.ai; Bj Kirschner, director, business development, Just Worldwide; and Bill Salokar, vice president client solutions, SKIM.

Intellus Worldwide, an organization for health care insights professionals, has partnered with Trinity Life Sciences to track the ever-changing pharmaceutical marketplace and the impact those changes may have for the market research professional through the annual Trends and Futures survey. The Trends and Future survey has been developed by Intellus membership to gain a deeper insight across several categories of exploration from the perspective of manufacturers and agency suppliers. The Wave 1 (Q1 2020) survey focused on identifying broader trends influencing health care researchers, while the most recent Wave 2 (Q1 2021 survey¹) signaled broader insights across the key thematic areas of consumers, clinical trials and technology. Each wave of the survey includes a sample of health care market researchers at biopharmaceutical and health care companies as well as professionals across market research, data, technology and sample providers.


Today, U.S. consumers make the decision of where they receive care more than ever. As in all aspects of life, we want to receive goods and services quicker, better and cheaper, so why should health care be different? Over the years, consumers often were directed to where they received care as their insurance plans did the bulk of the paying. However, with people seeing premiums and out-of-pocket (OOP) costs increase year after year, it...