Editor's note: iModerate hosted a webinar on achieving foresight with scalable insight on June 25, 2014. Duration 42:16.

All researchers strive to provide forward-looking, business-shaping insights. The ability to truly be proactive, identify trends and opportunities, and keep the competition in the rear-view mirror is the goal, but getting there with today’s approaches is a challenge.Achieving this takes breadth of information over time and ongoing context – a demand too deep for trackers and too wide for qualitative. In this webinar we will introduce you to the world of longitudinal qualitative and demonstrate how structured, consistent conversations over time can not only provide a crucial ongoing narrative around key business issues, but also produce the metrics that marketers want and which aid decision making.Using consumer confidence as an example, attendees will see how these projects do much more than just plug holes and fill gaps – they get your ear to the ground and reveal what’s next.Key takeaways: