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Behind every business decision is the data to support it. Beyond the data is the story behind it. It’s the story, or the “why,” that adds value and brings the data to life.

Asking “Why?” can unlock the true potential of a business and inform you of the proper direction to go in. Collaborating with the right research partner is the key to answering this primary question. However, most research tools fall short, placing pressure on researchers to work harder to reach accurate results.

GroupSolver Stay curious. Ask why.

Enter GroupSolver, an intelligent research platform that gives companies the power to ask and answer, “Why?” seamlessly. GroupSolver eases researchers’ stress through its comprehensive suite of methodologies and flexible service offerings and by serving as a thought partner to uncover the data story. GroupSolver is built on:

Accessible insights

From the GroupSolver Unlimited subscription to on-demand expertise, GroupSolver can tailor their approach to fit specific needs for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Confident technology

Their proprietary AI tools and quantitative methodologies are constantly evolving to help clients move forward with confidence.

Enjoyable user experience

Every touchpoint of GroupSolver’s research process is enjoyable – for both the researchers developing the studies to the respondents participating in them.

Passionate data storytellers

GroupSolver’s team is passionate about redefining research and analysis by clearly articulating the story the data is revealing to their customers.