Editor's note: Lisa Brink is senior director, client consulting, Gongos. She can be reached at lbrink@gongos.com. Karen Stoychoff is manager, public relations and communications, SurePayroll. She can be reached at karen.stoychoffinman@surepayroll.com.

Brand positioning is no longer just for B2C companies. Today’s leading B2B brands like Google, Slack, Adobe and Salesforce understand the valuable ways brand positioning supports growth and serves as a key marketplace differentiator. 

However, even the strength of the most dominant brands can fade over time. Increased competition, lack of relevance, an unwillingness to change and failure to sustain an emotional connection with consumers are just some of the factors that can tarnish a brand. But market-aware and resilient brands regularly take stock of their brand positioning and adapt.

After 22 years as the innovator and leader in online payroll and benefits services, SurePayroll faced stiff competition from new marketplace entrants. The existing value proposition – a fast and easy online solution for small business owners and household employers – remained strong and relevant. However, it was no longer a point of differentiation, with competitors leveraging a similar positioning and touting a newer online payroll experience. 

Many organizations would bask in consecutive years of record growth and enviable customer satisfaction metrics. Not SurePayroll. Determined not to succumb to the age-old trap of “If it ain’t broke…,” SurePayroll launched a brand revitalization initiative to refine, evolve and elevate its marketplace presence and expand its distinct advantage over the competition. 

SurePayroll decided to reimagine its value proposition and associated positioning to better connect on an emotional level with its three key customer segments – small business owners, household employers and resellers/CPAs. 

Recognized as the original ...