Below, you will find a selection of our editors’ favorite articles from the last year. It was a challenge to narrow our lists down to just these few as we’ve been on the receiving end of so many quality submissions that we were proud to publish! 

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(listed in no particular order) 

The quality function presents a large opportunity for enhanced research and impact for both customer insights and market research. Many readers may roll their eyes at that statement and either think, “Old news!” or “Not much there.” You will be wrong in a majority of organizations because the quality profession is undergoing a radical reinvention of itself. It is just now starting to recognize how customer experience has changed its mandate and data needs. Read more. 

In marketing and insight research, more and more attention is given to visual materials, both due to the fact that part of everyday life is performed on social media, where images are crucial, and also because it has been widely recognized that we are – at least in the West – a highly visual society, in which images and visual inputs invade and influence many aspects of our lives. Read more. 

CX is different in the world of B2B. The customer journeys you are creating vary widely when the general consumer isn’t the focus. B2B “customers” can range from CMOs and sales reps to distributers and customer service reps, and each have their own set of vastly different goals, requirements and customer journeys. That’s why creating personas is so critical. Personas serve as a powerful tool to help teams empathize with their customers and design products, services, processes, communications and journeys on behalf of the customer need, regardless of how varied those needs may be. Read more. 

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